The Reality Behind Contesting a Last Will and Testament

You have just lost a loved one and unfortunately, you found out that you are not on their last will. However, you truly believe that you are one of the many or is the actual rightful heir of the properties and estates left behind by the decedent. This is where contesting a will comes in the picture. You file a dispute to court and go through a long legal process.

What actually happens behind the cases of will dispute? This is the reality that you need to know to prepare yourself for what you are about to go through in the coming days. Contesting a will in Liverpool or any other city in the world for that matter takes weeks if not months to settle. You will need a qualified attorney such as those in Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors to back you up and represent you legally. Apart from that, here are some of the things that you should know.

Litigation Costs A Lot

A lawsuit will force you to bring out money out of your pocket. There are fees and charges that you have to settle with your legal counsel as you go through the process of contesting a will. You can always try to propose to your attorney for your case to be in a contingency fee agreement.

A contingency agreement means that your attorney will get the tierce of the amount you will receive however, you need to be paid for them to get their share as well. While most lawyers do not agree to this setup in contest cases, you can still find contesting a will Liverpool lawyers who are okay with it.

It Can Be Exhausting

The whole legal process is a roller coaster ride. It can exhaust you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Prepare yourself to face accusations and judgements from the other party. The lawyers from the opposing team will counter your claims in different angles. Stories will be brought up and tough questions will be raised during the deposition.

Furthermore, you can find yourself painted as the antagonist in the storyline. You will be scrutinised at a microscopic level. You need to be ready to face all those as you continue to fight for your claim.

Be Prepared for a Settlement

While the goal is to win the dispute, you still need to prepare yourself for a settlement. When contesting a will, Liverpool court will always side on the party who has a stronger case. Sometimes, the best option for your case is just to settle with the other party.

Coming to a mutual agreement before the court’s decision is not always a loss. There are just instances when accepting an offer is a better choice than the tiresome fight. It is a favourable option than draining your bank of the legal fees. Listen to your lawyer and consider the advice they give.

Contesting a will and testament will not bring the decedent back to your life. It can create new wounds or open scars that strains your relationship with the opposing party. But it can also give you closure and help you heal from your loss. Fight for what you believe is your right. Who knows the result would be in your favour. Check out

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